erotic massage information

Relaxing turns out to be an interesting alternative to feeling tired. To achieve this, it is not uncommon to see many people resorting to massage. Have you ever tried an erotic massage?

What is an erotic massage?


A massage qualified as "erotic" denotes a purely sensual character. It is a massage through which the massaged can give taste to all senses. Erotic massage involves different massage techniques. Some of them respond to great professionalism. Others, however, come from a free imagination and the simple sensuality of the masseuse. Everything contributes to an atmosphere of well-being favorable to the relaxation of the massage.

What is the context of an erotic massage?

Erotic massage is part of a naturist context. In other words, the sensual massage session does not require the wearing of a towel or the classic covers made with sheets. Total nudity is required. Wondering how this is possible? The answer is simple. Erotic massage aims to give total confidence to the person being massaged. It is only on this condition that the latter will be able to benefit from the bodily care offered to him.

Who is the sensual massage for?

Sensual massage is not intended for a specific clientele. Adults are the most suitable for this experience. Workers in particular are the most inclined to offer this type of service. Whether you are managers, workers, craftsmen, an erotic massage will do you the greatest good at the end of your work week. It is also within the reach of couples. In particular, those wishing to bring a certain diversity within their married life. It will undoubtedly be an experience rich in new sensations.

Where can you enjoy an erotic massage session?

Generally speaking, erotic massage services are offered in specialized massage salons or institutes. That is to say, to provide such a service, a prerequisite is required. Indeed, authorizations from the city authorities hosting the show headquarters are necessary. You can also make an appointment in a spa. There are some who, to enlarge the map of their services, offer an erotic massage. Finally, it is possible to enjoy an erotic massage at the hotel or at home.

What to remember about the course of the erotic massage session?

Why take a bath beforehand?

Preferably hot, the function of the bath is to purify the skin. Indeed, it frees the pores of the skin of all their impurities. This will allow the massaged to distinctly feel all the sensations related to the massage. The result will be perfect relaxation and therefore total satisfaction.

Why prepare the massage cabin or frame?

To inspire a certain comfort in the massage, it is necessary to arrange the decor. To do this, a sober decor is generally preferred. Then, soft lights and little lighting are required. We want to feel in a cozy and warm cocoon. So do not forget the soothing and calm music, favorable to the relaxation of the person being massaged.

What about massage equipment?

Here it all depends on the type of erotic massage. However, it is mainly the parts of the body that are used for an erotic massage. In most cases, the masseuse uses her hands to apply the different massage techniques. Essential oils or flavored candles are also used.

Why choose to experience an erotic massage?

  • For total letting go, erotic massage is practiced naked. As a result, the massé finds himself in an atmosphere where he reveals himself. He can thus accept himself more easily, face himself really. The masseuse creates an atmosphere of confidence. In order to allow the massé to let go, to get rid of all his pressures.


  • For a quest for a well-desired well-being through the delicate hands of the naturist masseuse, the massé will see his tiredness dissipate. His multiple nervous tensions will be suitably relieved. From then on, he will find perfect harmony within his body. The veil is therefore rekindled again to indulge in its routine.