How to define naturist massage?

The naturist massage is mainly characterized by the principle of nudity. All participants are without clothes. It is often associated with erotic massage or sensual massage due to the clothing condition of the protagonists but also the great physical proximity existing and inseparable. That said, it is not about hidden sexual massage, it is another approach to massage just as effective as many others in many ways.


The masseuse gets naked without being asked?

Yes, it is the principle of naturist massage itself. The relationship that these masseuses have body is very different from the common mentality of our Western countries. The approach is certainly very sensual and erotic but the goal is invariably relaxation and relaxation. In a way they no longer see nudity. The same is true of many visitors, after a few visits they see only the liberated aspect of the human relationship between masseuse and massed. The well-being is really at the appointment.


Can we have a more sexual approach?

Certainly ... No. It is prohibited by the law and by our rules of procedure. Some naturist massage parlors may accept these processes but we do not.


Is oils massage essential?

The massage with oils is recommended because it multiplies the effects of massage. Moreover, the oil carefully selected for its virtues penetrates deep into the muscles. They therefore contribute to a large extent to the success of the massage and its beneficial effects.


Are the prices you are inclusive of VAT and are there any other fees?

The rates are inclusive of VAT and include the massage you have chosen, showers, baths, towels, hammam soaps etc. No surprise the price is net.


Can I ask for as many sensual masseuses as I want?

Of course, but is this really useful? A professional masseuse is ample enough to relax and relax. There is however the 4 hands massage extremely pleasant and sensual. It is a truly enjoyable and very relaxing experience.


Practitioners are they really professional?

Our masseuses have a great deal of experience in their chosen field. Most of them have a vocation. We can not do this activity if we are not passionate about everything. They are therefore true experts, for the happiness of all.


Can I work in the field of sensual massage?

One can not improvise masseuses or masseurs, it requires a great knowledge of the human body, psychology, experience and certain predispositions. Moreover in the case of our institute the aesthetic aspect is important. In this sense, the beauty of the body and the face are indispensable because the visual is of capital importance for our visitors. It is a bit unfair for people with qualifications but it is also the law of supply and demand.