Erotic massage in Paris


The erotic Massage always tends to fascinate the masculine gente but it is not addressed only to the men. Indeed, massages called erotic or naturist can also address women but also couples who would like to discover poly-sensory sensations and stimulate the relationship.


The erotic massage knows a lot of variant but it is practiced all the time by a masseur or often a masseuse naked (masseuse naked) on a naked person or equipped with a towel around the genitals.












Naturist massages provide a lot of fun on body and mind. The most representative massage in terms of eroticism is undoubtedly the tantric massage. But there are others such as body massage, reciprocal massage or lingam massage.

The erotic and naturist massage is in perpetual evolution since it has given birth to massages as touching as the massage Nuru practiced on an inflatable mattress and where the masseuse naked will follow a gel in order to increase the desire and the 'excitation. Again, it should not be assimilated to sexual acts since sex is strictly forbidden in massage institutes.


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Discover different universes with a focus on naturist massage in the Parisian districts. From naturist massage parlors to themes related to sensual massage for the well-being of everyone.
You will learn various relaxation techniques that will awaken your senses to eroticism and well-being.
There will be something for everyone, as you will enjoy naturist massages on table or on futon in luxurious atmospheres.
Enjoy the best addresses in Paris to relax in the best salons and naturist spas.




Naked Massage in Paris

Bare massage tends to be assimilated to sexual massage. False, it is above all an act of relaxation taking on a sensual character since it stimulates your senses to eroticism without ever ending in a relationship. Indeed, the latter is completely proscribed in our massage parlor.

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Sensual massage


The sensual massage is practiced in an environment conducive to well-being and relaxation with decor often luxurious and a subdued atmosphere to put in situation the massed. The massage is performed by an elegant and refined masseuse who will be completely naked and will perform touches and caresses all along your body so that the moment is magic. The massage is punctuated by a relaxing music often pushing to release and meditation.


The bare massage a delight for the awakening of self


The nude massage or naturist massage brings many virtues for both the body and the mind. Indeed, it constitutes a contribution for the awakening of the senses and brings you inner peace. The bare massages or naturist massages are lavished in a calm and serene atmosphere. Your thoughts are no longer distracted and will allow you to connect. It is in this silence that reveals your true being. Your thoughts are no longer distracted and you detach yourself from everything that stirs your mind. You have created a space where calm reigns and will restore confidence with oneself.

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