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Sensual Masseuses Paris


Your wellness salon All of Zen Institute in Paris 1er presents its team of naturist masseuses devoted to satisfy your desires of relaxation by the benefits of a naturist massage. As a punctual or regular supporter of the relaxing massage, our body treatments are aimed first and foremost at the enthusiasts eager for well-being and relaxation. Our nude masseuses, specially trained in the art of bare massage give you a sensual massage of such abundance that you will not count the many positive effects they provide. Effects mainly physiological, sensory and psychological.

We held that it is our naturist masseuses themselves who compose all the benefits and the choice of body oils offered to customers. Who better than our wellness professionals know that they will be the body care able to do you the greatest good!


They use and combine different techniques to relieve all your muscles and bring you a quality performance: caresses, energy frictions, pats, palpate rolling, pressure, modeling, ...
The massages proposed by our institute are in no way medical or physiotherapy. They are intended to:


  • You calm down, 

  • Relax the muscles,

  • Reduce stress and decrease fatigue,

  • Awakens the senses (especially that of touch),

  • Helps you in your self-fulfillment (self-confidence, acceptance of one's body).



Because we evolve in a society of "seeming" and appearance that the All of Zen Institute chose its naturist masseuses for their criterion of beauty. Of course, this criterion of beauty is not the only component that motivates our choice of masseuses, because it appeals to our subjectivity and that of the customers. Our nude masseuses record at least a first experience in the trades of relaxation, well-being and fitness. Skills that our masseuses will later substantiate in the knowledge of the body and the ability to transmit emotions by the "touch alone". Thus, constitutes our desire to accompany the client in his experience of naturist massage.
We wanted to solicit your 5 senses through our various body treatments to offer you maximum relaxation and a confusing experience (relaxing music, harmonious frame, beauty of the masseuses, intoxicating odors, ...).


After having presented the various sensual massages that compose the card, our masseuses will give you all the explanations required to make your choice on the service. You will then be directed to one of our massage rooms, accompanied by the masseuse of your choice. Respectful of hygiene and cleanliness, a shower will be preceded by the massage, while one of our naturist masseuses will prepare the room.

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Our naturist masseuses prefer above all listening and relational for clients wanting to get a massage. Our institute refuses to bring you a massage session that would rest solely on the mechanics. On the contrary, we want to take the time, to distill you a unique massage of great emotion, pleasant to receive by the greatest number. As an initiatory journey, it is with skill and dexterity that our masseuses accompany you to the "hatching of the senses", soliciting them one by one.

It is because we do not all have the same expectations in terms of relaxation that our masseuses are very oriented towards each other, listening to the needs of each one. Our team cultivates this know-how: pleasure of nudity, overflowing sensuality, tactile pleasure, energetic transmission, psychological competence, technique of stress management ... to put in emotion all your senses.

Thus, All of Zen Institute is the naturist massage parlor in Paris which offers its clients the widest range of existing naturist massages. The nude masseuses of our institute are genuine experts at the forefront of the techniques of relaxation to deliver you the best of relaxation. Come to meet real professionals who provide their naturist massages with a maestria without equal.