Nuru massage

It is possible to opt for an erotic massage if you are looking for relaxation worthy of the name. This category of massage has a wide range. Among the services offered is nuru massage, a Japanese specialty.

Discovering nuru massage

The nuru massage takes its name from its Japanese origin. It is indeed a fairly common massage in Japan. Over time, he migrated to other horizons. It is therefore also practiced outside the land of the rising sun. The nuru massage is also an erotic massage, it is practiced naked. The specificity with this massage is the essential oil used. It is a gel made from nori seaweed, found in Japan. These algae give the gel an extremely smooth texture, very different from conventionally used gels. It is applied all over the body preferably in combination with hot water.

Nuru massage is a sensual melee. All parts of the body are useful. The touches, the kneading, the fiddling, everything is done in a deluge of incredible sensations. The nuru massage is highly appreciated by men because it remains an erotic massage par excellence.

What is the main thing to know about the process of nuru massage?

It goes without saying, the bath is essential. Taken hot, it eliminates all waste from the body. Soft decoration, dim light, massage table ready, the session can begin. The room temperature should be between 20 and 25 degrees. We don’t forget the slippery gel. It will allow the patient to feel the sensations more vividly. Massaged as a masseuse being naked, an intensely nourished melee begins. Through multiple caresses, the masseuse is responsible for dissipating the client's constraints. She accentuates the movements as you go and regulates them according to the client's wishes and what he feels.

It is important to note that nuru massage does not have a sexual purpose. As such, mutual respect is established throughout the session. Institutes are required to display the Erotic Massages Charter, a sort of collection of good behavior to adopt during the treatment.

What are the essential rules for a successful nuru massage?

To fully benefit from this experience, the customer must avoid any kind of deviation. Whether verbal or gestural. If he is not able to meet these conditions, the massage session will automatically end. In addition, flavored candles are used to bring a special scent to the room. As for the music, it has the function of creating a sweet atmosphere. Which is favorable to the relaxation of the massé. If the latter is subject to allergies or specific treatments, he must inform him of this before the start of the session. This will allow professionals to make the necessary arrangements.

Nuru massage is offered in certain massage salons and institutes in the capital. Some spas also offer it to their customers, but it is not yet standardized.

What are the benefits of nuru massage?

The nuru massage aims for total relaxation. Through the expert hands of the masseuse, you will see your stress disappear. This erotic massage involves total letting go, essential to experience the session intensely. Once the client has gained confidence, the masseuse will carefully apply the various techniques associated with this massage. Denoting great sensuality, you will only have to let yourself be carried away in a wave of intoxicating emotions.

Among other things, nuru massage helps to restore balance to the body. The techniques used focus on the pressure points of the body. Thus, the muscle pain will gradually give way to absolute relaxation.

The use of nuru gel promotes an excellent melee. It makes the contact very erotic and very exciting. It raises the sexual desire. All this rise in libido is favorable to the release of the hormones of the well-being. Intense relaxation follows, a feeling of rebirth in the body.

The nuru is finally a massage accessible to adults only because of the nudity of the body. For erotic enthusiasts and those looking for thrills, this is an excellent choice. For couples wishing to experiment with new habits, or to enhance their married life, it is also a sensory experience not to be missed.