reciprocal massage

Naturist massages are very popular these days. They contribute to the satisfaction of many clients in search of relaxation. Among these is reciprocal massage. Let's go to its discovery.

The essentials to know about reciprocal massage


Reciprocal massage is part of the category of erotic massages. Which massages are intended to awaken sexual desire. To increase libido in order to make clients feel more comfortable. Reciprocal massage stands out from others by its properties. Which are they? Indeed, this type of massage brings out the notion of reciprocity. In other words, during the massage session, the masseuse has the possibility of providing in return care to his masseuse. Here you don't have to be a professional. You just need to be imaginative enough and let your sensuality express itself.

Placed in a nudist context, the reciprocal massage is practiced in total nudity. Both the masseur and the patient get rid of all their clothes. The need for towels or sheets is not felt at all.

The prerequisite for a successful reciprocal massage

In order to take full advantage of such a service, a minimum of preparation is required. The bath is one of the most important steps. It aims to make the skin clean by eliminating all the waste that it retains. Thus, the client is much more able to properly feel the caresses of the masseuse. Subsequently, the setting of the setting for the session becomes essential. This setting must reflect comfort and luxury, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To do this, a sober decoration is required. In addition, a particular emphasis is placed on the music: it is generally haunting. The customer has the possibility to play his own playlist.

In addition, the masseuse can use essential oils. This is a little extra necessary for a better appreciation of the reciprocal massage. It makes the contact between masseur and massaged more sensual, more alive. We must not forget the candles. Flavored, they bring all their softness to the massage cabin.

Reciprocal massage, in institute or at home?

There are more and more salons and institutes offering erotic massages. Obviously, these establishments must have received an authorization to offer such services. Also, some spas offer similar services. In these cases, the purpose of erotic massages is to attract more customers. Some salons also offer their clients the option of having a massage at the hotel or at home. The masseuses can thus go on site to provide a reciprocal massage to the client. However, a reservation must be made in advance.

In the institute, at the hotel and at home, it is important to respect basic rules. Behavior deviations are not tolerated. There must be mutual respect between masseur and masseuse, otherwise the sessions are threatened with interruption.

The reasons why you must experience reciprocal massage

  • A massage at the heart of eroticism and naturism: The reciprocal massage takes place in unusual attire. Its nudist character encourages the massaged to get rid of all his complexes. The masseuse present is also invited to this delicious experience. By getting naked, she brings a feeling of confidence to the massaged. If the latter were introverted in his body, this complex will systematically disappear. Because here, it is not judged in relation to its morphology. Everyone accepts himself as he is. The erotic journey ahead is filled with unknown sensations. Intertwined bodies, wandering hands, tender caresses, everything harmonizes in order to contribute to absolute relaxation.

       The result is a considerable awakening of the senses, a desire that grows more and more.

  • For its therapeutic virtues: Tantric massage helps resolve certain imperfections. For example, when it comes to sexual incapacity, it is a great way to fight it out. Tantric massage sessions will rid the patient of his complexes, his lack of confidence. At the same time, it will accentuate his libido due to its erotic nature.

  • A lucrative massage: Getting a massage is above all a moment of pleasure that must be fully enjoyed. Reciprocal massage is no exception to this function. Here, imagination and sensuality are essential. Professionals will make sure they get their job done. However, the masseuse can lend himself to the game. He is called upon to play his strengths subtly in order to relax his masseuse in turn. Do not forget ! You have to let your imagination run wild and be creative.