Relaxation and unwinding sometimes go through well-deserved massage sessions. Being of various types, massages are making more and more people happy. The category of erotic massages is more and more popular. Because of this, tantric massage also generates a lot of ink.

Discovering tantric massage, a combination of eroticism


Tantric massage is an erotic massage of Indian origin. Indeed, his techniques are based on an old art originating in Indian culture. These techniques use all the energy circulating in the body. They thus aim to establish a perfect correlation between the mind, the soul and the organism itself. With therapeutic virtues, tantric massage contributes to obtaining a feeling of total freedom. This massage represents the perfect coordination between sensuality and the spiritual. Do you need to relax, to let go? Try tantric massage.

This massage is based on the notions of giving and receiving. In order to be able to relax, the massaged must therefore be put in total confidence. He must be able to feel very comfortable.

The course of a tantric massage session

A bath is taken beforehand. Preferably hot, the bath makes it possible to rid the pores of the skin of their impurities. This step is essential, because it contributes to excellent enjoyment of the care provided. Thereafter, the massage cabin benefits from a special treatment. It is decorated so as to make the tantric massage session even more pleasant for the masseuse. To do this, we favor a fairly sober decoration, but with a good rendering. Then the lights are not too bright. They must offer a rather warm and soft atmosphere. Flavored candles can be used. They make the room more fragrant.

Music softens manners, they say. So we don't forget it. A choice playlist can be played. It all depends on the wishes of the person of massages.

The rules to follow to perfect a tantra

The conduct of a tantra massage session is regulated. Mutual respect must reign between the masseur and his host. Ethics and morals are essential. The erotic nature of this massage does not make it an opportunity for depravity. No deviation is tolerated. In addition, essential oils are applied throughout the tantra massage session. They contribute to an even greater awakening of the senses. When the masseuse is subject to allergies, he must inform his masseuse. The same is true if his skin is very sensitive or in cases where he is undergoing therapeutic treatment.

You can enjoy a tantric massage in a massage institute or in a spa. The option of a massage at the hotel or at home is also possible.

Why choose tantric massage?

  • For its physical and psychological benefits: Tantric massage is beneficial both for the physical and for the psychology. The techniques employed all converge on a liberation of mind and body. They aim to rid the massé of all his pressures, all his tensions. This type of massage provides great inner peace.

  • For its therapeutic virtues: Tantric massage helps resolve certain imperfections. For example, when it comes to sexual incapacity, it is a great way to fight it out. Tantric massage sessions will rid the patient of his complexes, his lack of confidence. At the same time, it will accentuate his libido due to its erotic nature.

  • For its influence on human relations: As soon as the massé succeeds in letting go, their interaction with those around them differs. He is now better able to forge links, to open up to new opportunities. In addition, tantric massage helps establish a certain harmony between the couples who practice it. They manage to show an excellent bond.

If you still had doubts about the many benefits of tantric massage, you are now well informed! Treat yourself.